Marking Service

We are here to help you squeeze every bit of potential out of your hard work. Our Marking Service is designed to help you receive the best during your studies.

What to include

  1. Perfect Proofreading each time

  2. Essay CommunityUsing the "track changes" feature in Microsoft Word we help you proofread everybit your work.The marker will make corrections on any spellling and any grammar mistakes, hence adding some sparkle and improving your work.
  3. Marking that is trustworthy

  4. Essay CommunityWhen we mark your work, we give you two important grades-you get an estimated mark of your current version of work and a potential grade if you make the changes we suggest to you.
  5. Complimentary Notes

  6. Essay Community Each and every slide of our presentation that you order from us comes with 200 words of complimentary notes.The notes provided are clear and written in good English and tailored to the audience that one is presenting to.We ensure that all jargons are eliminated and make the final presentation quite clear and easy to follow for the audience.
  7. Qualified Lecturers

  8. Essay Community Only qualified experts are allowed to take your order. That means that these experts know the specific field well and can give you specific comments on the amount of accuracy of your details.
  9. Feedback tailored for You

  10. Essay CommunityIn The same manner that lecturers give you feedback, our experts will give you appropriate feedback and go further to give you suggestions for changes, improvements and additions that can effectively help you get the most out of your work.
  11. Marking and Feedback Form

  12. Essay Community The marker will give you a detailed feedback form in addition to his annotated proofread piece of work. This provides summaries of comments and an estimated mark for your work.
  13. Become a master of the game

  14. Essay Community After you consistently follow the feedback that we offer, you will be able to effeciently gain better marks in the future.
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