Terms and Conditions

For the following Terms and Conditions policy, the following terms will be used to identify My Pro Writers: “We,” “Our “or “Company.” “Client” is a term used to refer to an individual who buys products or services from ESSAY COMMUNITY and is well versed with the rules and policies set out in this website. The client agrees to act by the policies and bears responsibility for all actions performed on the site. “Product” refers to some written tasks, including writing papers, academic assignments, reviews and other scholarly works. The client makes payment for the service, and the writer follows all the client’s instructions. The client can only order a product by going to ESSAY COMMUNITY and creating a personal account. To start the process of ordering, a client submits a request and keys in the required information into the digital form of our website. She/he should provide detailed instructions for the order. Kindly note that we do not act on orders placed through email, over the phone or live chat .

Our Services

Essay Community offers a convenient, simple, and unique platform for collaboration between customers who have difficulties with their academic papers by providing a team of expert writers who are committed towards customer’s academic success. By allowing both the customers and writers an exclusive platform, we believe that there is no other company out there which is better placed to make both sides satisfied.

Accepting the Terms

The agreement is between the student(client) and the company. The company is required to provide the client with the terms and conditions and other policies as required by the parties involved, and the customer is required to read and understand all the policies on ESSAY COMMUNITY. The client(student) is obliged to follow all the set rules and regulations of the company.

Editing, Deleting, and Modification Agreement

The company has the rights to alter these terms and conditions at any time as deemed necessary. It is, therefore, recommended that clients keep up to date with all the policies and regulations on this website

Copyright Restriction

All resources, services and products offered by ESSAY COMMUNITY to the clients are original. The company forbids any of our works from being copied, published, advertised or distributed for commercial purposes. All products of ESSAY COMMUNITY are made available to customers for personal use; any alterations, misuse and any violation of the set of rules and regulations will lead to criminal charges. The contents of this website or the website itself may not be copied, reproduced or sold for individual use.

Integrity, Accuracy, and Promptness

The company is not liable for any information updates. All our policy rules and regulations are provided for the purpose of informing the clients. ESSAY COMMUNITY may not be held accountable for informing users of any changes made to our website. It is, therefore, the sole responsibility of our clients to keep up to date with the changes on our websites.

Description and Product Pricing

The prices for our services are readily available on our site. Our marketing department occasionally develops flexible discount offers; clients can, therefore, keep checking on the changes in prices from time to time. There may be slight differences in the prices offered at the website and those of the products. In such cases, clients are informed about such differences and may choose to purchase the products or not.


The company considers the action of submitting an order as a complete agreement on the points shown below:

  • We shall complete all orders according to any of the known modern writing formats (Havard, APA, Chicago/Turabian, MLA, etc.)
  • Only after the full order value is transacted does the working of the order start. The price charged is inclusive of collecting data, researching, writing the paper, proofreading, editing, and the final delivery.
  • Clients or any other persons should not copy content from ESSAY COMMUNITY and go ahead to use it for commercial intentions.
  • Clients should not make a profit from copying or distribute the purchased work


Clients use this website at their risk. The company owns the website and owns the rights to allow or restrict access to this website for any individual at any time for any reason as deemed necessary.MYPWROWRITERS.COM guarantees the users that the site is safe and free from viruses and malware. As such, clients will bear all the risks and responsibilities of using the website. Any damage or information resulting from downloading content from this website is the sole responsibility of the client. The company does all it can within its mandate to make sure that the website is safe an error-free, some problems may not be anticipated.

Corporate Intellectual

As per the following agreement, the client accepts that all information, content as well as other intellectual property on this website is ownership of ESSAY COMMUNITY. The clients cannot in any way copy and create the analogous website or use any of this properties by changing the website’s documentation and software

Non-Assignment of Rights

Only the client is supposed to access his/her account on our website. The client is solely responsible for their account.


After the client reads all the information given, the client is considered valid with all the terms and conditions subject to be respected and followed.

Severability of Terms

If there are charges because of any court order or decree, then that specific term or condition will be petitioned with permission from the law. Terms and conditions must remain easy and comprehensible for clients and users.

Information Security

All information regarding clients is stored in our server. Since the issue of personal information security is important in this into business, we have invested by having quality security protocols set up. Both general and private information regarding a client are stored through a Secure Socket Layer system. Only verified payment processors are used to make payments. As such there is no client’s information that will be retained on the server of the payment processor.

Information Relay to Third Parties

There is no way that we share our client’s information. We guarantee 100% protection of all your information. Only authorized persons have given clients information with the sole reason of processing orders. The company has the right to use non-personal information for the purpose of marketing surveys at times and conducting.

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